I know you probably have a zillion black blazers in your closet, but here at Dotty, we've created the PERFECT winter blazer!!!! It's made from knit Ponte di Roma fabric - meaning, it is a knit, but looks and wears like a woven fabric. Think of it as a "sweater-blazer". It's great for the office; serves well as a spring jacket; and is the perfect piece to dress up any pair of jeans. The added bonus with this jacket, is I have fully lined it in a HOT PINK stretch charmeuse lining - meaning, it will feel  comfortable, as it stretches with your every movement. The hot pink lining gives this jacket a little sexy glam - you can choose to roll up the cuffs and show it off, or keep it under wraps. Just remember...always accessorize this jacket with some chunky pearls and a cocktail ring!