• A Fit for Real Life We believe women love to wear clothing that flatters their figure. This is why our clothing designs work for all body types. Dotty exists to make real women, all of them, no matter their shape, size, or age, feel confident and beautiful every day.
  • Travel Friendly & Comfy Low maintenance, figure flattering clothing that travels with wrinkle-free ease. Dotty fabrics are forgiving, making you feel like you're wearing your pjs. But you'll look professional and put together all day long.
  • Ethically Made Locally made at a factory right here in Toronto, Canada. Fair wages are paid to each and every sewer, cutter, pattern maker, and presser, in a factory 10 minutes from our studio. Because knowing where your clothes are made matters.


/dot i/

adjective informal

- a person, action or idea that is somewhat mad or eccentric

- being obsessed or infatuated

- amusingly absurd

- marked with dots

What Our Customers are Saying

  • I really should be thanking YOU for a whole host of reasons: - for making sure I don't dress like my mother - keeping my look more current than the 90's - assisting my husband on all birthday and Xmas gifts - ensuring I don't embarrass Chloe too much with my wardrobe - helping me fake my hip and cool status with the 30somethings at work - making shopping so easy!!
    - Susan Olive
  • I am happy to support your business. You are talented and your stuff is the bomb. Just wore my new dress out for dinner with friends . Love love love it!!!
    - Erin Boyd
  • Thank you Heather....I know that I will feel comfortably chic for my 45 th nursing reunion. You can thank my daughter for her recommendation ...she loves your styles and materials.
    - Mary Ellen Hahn
  • I have another one of your jackets. Similar style in plaid. I love it and get lots of compliments. It’s versatile and timeless. I also love colour so when I saw the pink one I couldn’t resist.
    - Julie Lisle
  • That is an extremely gorgeous blazer. Everything about it—the cut, the drape, the colour.
    - Holly Gnaedinger
  • Just received the French Terry Tunic and love it as I do ALL of my purchases!
    - Roxanne Doney
  • If you do another lace top like this, I am buying it! its my fave in the closet right now!
    - Carolyn Spriet
  • I have really enjoyed the pieces I have purchased from you. The fit and quality is simply wonderful.
    - Bryana Ganong
  • You can stop making such beautiful things that speak to me Kidding!!! I LOVE your line and more so love, love, love supporting someone that I grew up with and adored in life.
    - Tara Nicholls
  • Heather, I deliberated for HOURS about whether I should get a new cardigan. What.was.I.thinking? I love love love it. It's so cozy and stylish at the same time. Thank you for being a fabulous woman designing fabulous things that help other women feel fabulous. Is there a Nobel or a Pulitzer for that? There should be.
    - Anne Yourt