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I've designed the perfect summer tunic. Just sayin'. - Dotty

I've designed the perfect summer tunic. Just sayin'.

I've designed the PERFECT summer tunic!

Have you always wanted that perfect t-shirt tunic that you could just throw on with leggings or bike shorts and feel comfy, look awesome, and be cool enough in the heat?

Well I certainly have...for years and years, I've searched for a tunic that was long enough to wear with leggings, yet was made of t-shirt fabric, so I could wear it in the summer. Sooo I decided to designed one. I do own my own clothing collection afterall....heehee.

The Bamboo Short Sleeve T-Shirt Tunic has that wonderful combination of short sleeves, figure flattering shape, gorgeous neckline, AND pockets!!! I've worn mine at least 100 times so far...and the fabric holds up sooo beautifully. I designed it in black bamboo, so it would be an easy classic colour to mix and match with your patterned bottoms. You can dress a black tunic up or down...all with the switch of accessories and shoes. Grab your converse and throw your hair up into a ponytail, or throw on some leather leggings and cute booties with loads of gold chains. This tunic is versatile, pretty, and ohhh so comfy.

Have lots of fun wearing yours ladies! I promise you'll love it!

- Heather