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Not all wrap dresses are created equal. - Dotty

Not all wrap dresses are created equal.

   When I had my little shop in downtown Toronto a few years ago, I remember a woman coming in, sooo excited to see that I had a wrap dress on a mannequin in the window.

   However, even though she was excited, her face all of a sudden became sullen when she asked a particular question: "I love that wrap dress, but I bet it's super low cut, huh?" She further explained that every wrap dress she has ever bought was so low, she couldn't wear it to work. They were too low cut, and too revealing to be professional. 

   As she was talking, all I could think about was, "ohhh boy, I can't wait to get her in the changeroom so she can see how much cleavage coverage I put into my wrap dresses." 

   We chatted and walked around the store picking out various wrap dresses in a multitude of prints and colours, all the while, she was reluctant to try them on...seemingly set on being disappointed. 

   So, in she went...I waited patiently to have her come out in the first dress...anticipating how great it was going to look. You see, I put a lot of attention into designing my collection - every style HAS to be figure flattering, easy to wear, feel like pjs, won't wrinkle, and can be tossed into the washing machine. 

  After what seemed to be an hour of was probably only 5 minutes...out she came. She turned slowly and looked in to the mirror, and a HUGE smile came across her face. She was soooo darn pleased that not only was the skirt of the dress super figure flattering across her tummy and back, but her cleavage had TONNES of coverage. She had FINALLY found the perfect wrap dress. (and as a side note...she bought 3 wrap dresses that day!)

   Here is the perfect dress to wear to work. It has a collar, 3/4 length sleeves, an a-line skirt, AND lots of coverage across the bust. I promise you'll love everything about these dresses.

   I truly LOVE what I do. I love dressing women in clothes they feel great wearing. That story will forever remain in my treasured memories...I got to witness something beautiful. A happy customer - a lovely woman - a great dress!

- Heather xo